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Hiking routes in Hainaut

Put on your hiking shoes and discover the most beautiful hiking routes in Hainaut! You will also see all places where hiking nodes are currently available.

Hiking nodes

Below you will find the latest hiking trails in Hainaut offered by official tourism organisations or by verified users of our platform.

Pathfinders are hikers who share their hiking adventures in Hainaut with you.

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Ellezelles, Belgium

The Pink Walk: Pays des Collines

7.7 km 2.9/5

This route takes you in a loop through the rolling landscape of Le Pays des Collines. During your tour you will find the... read more


Ellezelles, Belgium

Rural Lahamaide

7.7 km 3/5

This walk starts at the Place de Lahamaide, and quickly leads you along country roads and past chapels and robust farmya... read more


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Map Hainaut
Areas in Hainaut
region/place km hiking network
Aiseau-Presles52 km 52
Anderlues13 km 13
Antoing69 km 69
Ath87 km 87
Beaumont141 km 141
Belœil102 km 102
Bernissart54 km 54
Binche67 km 67
Boussu54 km 54
Braine-le-Comte121 km 121
Brugelette28 km 28
Brunehaut72 km 72
Celles50 km 50
Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont47 km 47
Charleroi207 km 207
Châtelet57 km 57
Chièvres15 km 15
Chimay250 km 250
Colfontaine38 km 38
Comines-Warneton10 km 10
Courcelles67 km 67
Dour73 km 73
Écaussinnes47 km 47
Ellezelles93 km 93
Enghien15 km 15
Erquelinnes57 km 57
Estaimpuis13 km 13
Estinnes107 km 107
Farciennes23 km 23
Fleurus96 km 96
Flobecq60 km 60
Fontaine-l'Évêque65 km 65
Frameries57 km 57
Frasnes-lez-Anvaing124 km 124
Froidchapelle138 km 138
Gerpinnes84 km 84
Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes81 km 81
Hensies52 km 52
Honnelles108 km 108
Jurbise67 km 67
La Louvière142 km 142
Le Rœulx90 km 90
Lens59 km 59
Les Bons Villers37 km 37
Lessines34 km 34
Leuze-en-Hainaut47 km 47
Lobbes21 km 21
Manage40 km 40
Merbes-le-Château56 km 56
Momignies131 km 131
Mons252 km 252
Mont-de-l'Enclus39 km 39
Montigny-le-Tilleul33 km 33
Morlanwelz46 km 46
Mouscron6 km 6
Pecq23 km 23
Péruwelz114 km 114
Pont-à-Celles79 km 79
Quaregnon23 km 23
Quévy97 km 97
Quiévrain40 km 40
Rumes48 km 48
Saint-Ghislain83 km 83
Seneffe66 km 66
Silly52 km 52
Sivry-Rance134 km 134
Soignies174 km 174
Thuin133 km 133
Tournai338 km 338