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Every website asks you for your permission to use cookies. A cookie is a simple file that is saved on the device you use to visit this website. All kinds of information are stored in such a cookie, which makes it possible for us to manage the website in an optimal way. In this cookie policy, we want to explain clearly and simply why we do this.

Who is responsible for this cookie policy?

We, NodeMapp BV, are responsible for this cookie policy. NodeMapp BV is a private company with registered office at Corbeillestraat 2, 2235 Hulshout (Belgium).

What does this cookie policy apply to?

You interact with us every time you use one of our applications (nodemapp.com, all applications used by third parties under the nodemapp.com domain name and all mobile apps we publish). All our applications, both web and mobile, are subject to this cookie policy.

Where do cookies come from?

Based on the origin of a cookie, a distinction can be made between first party cookies and third party cookies:

First party cookies:

These are cookies that we place and manage ourselves. These are mainly functional cookies that ensure that the website can continue to function properly or to acquire the necessary information about the traffic on our website.

Third-party cookies:

These are cookies placed by another party when you use one of our applications. These cookies make sure that certain information is sent to a third party when you use one of our applications. For example, these are cookies from Google that allow them to display ads based on your interests. Although we do not manage these cookies ourselves, we do everything in our power to ensure that the placement of cookies by these third parties is as controlled as possible.

Google Services:

On our website, we use Google Analytics (mapping out user statistics) and Google Adsense (showing advertisements, personalised or otherwise). These services of Google make use of cookies. You can find out how Google uses and processes personal data on this webpage:


Why does NodeMapp use cookies?

We use cookies mainly to improve the user experience. An important part of improving the user experience is to understand how our applications are used. This insight can only be obtained by using cookies to analyse user behaviour within our applications. In this way, we gain insights, for example, to improve the structure of the website, or to be able to trace errors that occur during the use of our application.

Another purpose of cookies that we use is to ensure that you see personalised advertisements when using our applications. It is very important to be able to provide quality advertising on our website. Many functions within our applications are free to use. In order to keep it free, it is important that we can recoup the costs we incur to keep this application largely free from advertising revenue. Without advertising revenue, the proper (and largely free) operation of our application could be compromised.

What cookies does NodeMapp use and for what purposes?

During the use of our application, different types of cookies may be placed. Below we list the cookies we use and why we use them.

Necessary functional cookies

Necessary functional cookies are cookies that are necessary to properly use our applications. We use these cookies for these purposes:

Saving information on certain pages, so that the next time you visit the same page, you will not have to start over again.

When you log in to our applications with an account, we store info in a cookie to make sure you don't have to log in again the next time you visit.

Statistical Cookies

We use Google Analytics to analyse the traffic on our applications and to improve the user experience accordingly. These statistics also provide us with much-needed information to detect errors in our applications. These cookies cannot be disabled because they are essential for our operation. Being able to estimate evolutions based on the use of our applications is necessary to be able to continue to develop our applications optimally. However, by default we have set up your IP address (the address of your computer) to be anonymised before it is sent to Google Analytics for analysis. Via the cookie settings (at the top of this page) you can voluntarily determine whether we may still use your full IP address for Google Analytics. This gives us more accurate insights into the use of our application.

Advertising cookies

We use third-party services (e.g. Google Adsense) to show ads on our applications. These services often also place cookies in order for the respective ad service to function correctly. The ability to display advertisements within our applications is essential to our operation: they provide us with the necessary income to continue to maintain our applications and to offer certain services free of charge. For this reason, you cannot choose not to see any advertisements. By default, you will see non-personalised ads on our applications.

You can voluntarily decide to see personalised ads on our applications by indicating this in the cookie settings (at the top of this page). In this case, Google will follow your surfing behaviour in order to compile your user profile. This profile is then used to show you ads that match your personal interests. We will only show you personalised ads if you give us explicit permission to do so.

How long do cookies last?

A cookie is stored in the browser you use for a certain period of time, depending on the purpose of the cookie. These cookies remain even after you close the application (this is the essence of a cookie: to ensure that certain information remains available over the different sessions in which you use an application). Cookies remain on your device until a predetermined expiry date is reached, until a new cookie is installed, or until you delete them through the settings of your browser, app or mobile device.

How can I control the use of cookies on NodeMapp?

We give you as much control as possible over the use of cookies. You can control this through our application or through the settings of the browser you are using.

Via our website

On our website, you can manage certain cookie settings by choosing 'adjust my cookie settings' at the top of the webpage of our cookie policy. You will then see a popup where you can adjust some settings. You can only change a few settings: the functional and necessary cookie settings cannot be changed. These settings themselves are also stored in a cookie, so that you do not have to make the settings each time you visit our websites. No personal data are stored in this cookie.

Via the browser

You can manage or delete all cookies (not only our cookies) in the browser you use at any time. How you do this varies from browser to browser. Please consult the help function of the browser you are using.

Who can I contact with questions or complaints about cookies?

Have you read this cookie policy carefully but still have questions about the cookies we use on our applications? You can always formulate your question or complaint via our contact page at www.nodemapp.com/nl/contact. If you want, you can also file a complaint with a supervisory authority. In Belgium, this is the Data Protection Authority. You can find more information about this on their website.

Can this cookie policy change?

This cookie policy can be edited at any time by all kinds of circumstances, such as changing legislation. It is also possible that due to certain evolutions, the need arises to collect or use your data in a different way. If there are important changes to this cookie policy that require your permission, we will always inform you the next time you use our applications.