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Below you will find the latest hiking trails in Tervuren offered by official tourism organisations or by verified users of our platform.

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Woodland Walk

5.8 km 4/5

This walk through Tervuren Park introduces you to beautiful nature as well as a chunk of history. This used to be the hu... read more

Royal walk

7.3 km 4.3/5

A walk along several beautiful spots in the Geographic Arboretum of Tervuren, where you travel around the world through ... read more

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Tervuren, Belgium

Moorsel Walk

7.3 km 2.8/5

A nice walk past chapels, old farmhouses and hollow roads takes you to the beautiful Moorsel forest and back to the chur... read more

Goosepool walk

10.4 km 4/5

Starting at the Center Ganspoel in Huldenberg, the hike on the Brabant Clay Plateau passes through 3 neighboring (sub)mu... read more

Another Feed Walk

10 km 4.5/5

We start at the church of Leefdaal and take the Kasteeldreef to the Voer. We follow the Voer to the border with Tervuren... read more


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