Jan Theunis


Hello, as avid hikers, my wife and I take a walk almost daily. Hopefully, you can enjoy it too.

Jan Theunis

Bree, Belgium

Hiking in Limburg

19.2 km

Parking: Bree bus station/school complex; Baron de Taxislaan. Signage: Walks in Limburg: Combination of "Valley of the I... read more

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Jan Theunis

Meerhout, Belgium

Lazy Farm Meerhout

8.2 km

Parking: Luihoeve, Bredestraat 62 Meerhout Signposting: Junction points Alternating forest paths and paved roads, you wa... read more

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Jan Theunis

Genk, Belgium

Kattevennen Genk

7.4 km

Parking: Kattevennen Genk. Signage: Blue diamond Alternating forest paths and paved roads. (It can be very muddy in the ... read more

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