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Biking routes in Liège

Below is a list of biking routes in Liège. You will also see all the places where there are currently bike nodes available. Hop on your bike and discover the most beautiful cycling routes!

Biking nodes

Below are the latest cycling routes in Liège offered by official tourism organisations or by verified users of our platform.

Pathfinders are cyclists who share their cycling adventures in Liège with you.

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Ferrières, Belgium

Tour of Ferrières

34.8 km

This 33km ride takes you to the four corners of the municipality of Ferrières. You pass the new stainless steel bell tow... read more


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Map Liège
Areas in Liège
region/place km biking network
Amay24 km 24
Amel125 km 125
Ans26 km 26
Aubel31 km 31
Awans20 km 20
Aywaille24 km 24
Baelen83 km 83
Bassenge58 km 58
Berloz6 km 6
Beyne-Heusay8 km 8
Blegny29 km 29
Braives52 km 52
Büllingen95 km 95
Burdinne33 km 33
Burg-Reuland85 km 85
Bütgenbach81 km 81
Chaudfontaine6 km 6
Clavier50 km 50
Comblain-au-Pont16 km 16
Crisnée21 km 21
Dalhem27 km 27
Donceel26 km 26
Engis17 km 17
Esneux38 km 38
Eupen182 km 182
Faimes44 km 44
Ferrières62 km 62
Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher20 km 20
Flémalle9 km 9
Fléron8 km 8
Geer18 km 18
Hamoir56 km 56
Hannut42 km 42
Héron55 km 55
Herstal29 km 29
Herve36 km 36
Huy21 km 21
Jalhay68 km 68
Juprelle36 km 36
Kelmis32 km 32
Liège53 km 53
Lierneux63 km 63
Limbourg11 km 11
Lincent12 km 12
Lontzen38 km 38
Malmedy82 km 82
Marchin13 km 13
Modave16 km 16
Oreye23 km 23
Ouffet28 km 28
Oupeye45 km 45
Plombières85 km 85
Raeren117 km 117
Remicourt30 km 30
Saint Vith164 km 164
Seraing15 km 15
Soumagne19 km 19
Spa36 km 36
Sprimont63 km 63
Stavelot61 km 61
Stoumont15 km 15
Theux59 km 59
Thimister-Clermont30 km 30
Trois-Ponts67 km 67
Verlaine20 km 20
Villers-le-Bouillet18 km 18
Visé41 km 41
Waimes128 km 128
Wanze30 km 30
Waremme33 km 33
Welkenraedt37 km 37