Jozef Desseyn


Creating bicycle routes to stay in good shape and relax, and this during the retirement years.

Jozef Desseyn

Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Brustem -2024-3

55.5 km

Quiet rural cycling route along country roads. Depart from the center of Sint-Truiden towards Gingelom - Landen - Bruste... read more

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Jozef Desseyn

Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Brustem 5. Limburg

35.3 km

Bike route from Brustem, right next to Sint-Truiden, through the fruit region with its well-known beautiful bike paths a... read more

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Jozef Desseyn

Lo-Reninge, Belgium

Loveringem The farwest

43.7 km

80% of the original route according to Chantal's TV broadcast. Started at the Lobrug where we parked the car, a very rur... read more

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