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Biking routes in East Flanders

Below is a list of biking routes in East Flanders. You will also see all the places where there are currently bike nodes available. Hop on your bike and discover the most beautiful cycling routes!

Biking nodes

Below are the latest cycling routes in East Flanders offered by official tourism organisations or by verified users of our platform.

Pathfinders are cyclists who share their cycling adventures in East Flanders with you.

Looking for an adventure? Try our 'Surprise Me' feature! Enter your preferences below, and we will suggest a number of cycling routes using the cycling nodes in East Flanders. The routes are calculated in real-time using the cycling node network.


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Map East Flanders
Areas in East Flanders
region/place km biking network
Aalst109 km 109
Aalter160 km 160
Assenede123 km 123
Berlare68 km 68
Beveren173 km 173
Brakel113 km 113
Buggenhout45 km 45
De Pinte36 km 36
Deinze211 km 211
Denderleeuw35 km 35
Dendermonde103 km 103
Destelbergen74 km 74
Eeklo47 km 47
Erpe-Mere63 km 63
Evergem118 km 118
Gavere70 km 70
Geraardsbergen113 km 113
Ghent213 km 213
Haaltert45 km 45
Hamme70 km 70
Herzele69 km 69
Horebeke28 km 28
Kaprijke58 km 58
Kluisbergen74 km 74
Kruibeke58 km 58
Kruisem116 km 116
Laarne60 km 60
Lebbeke44 km 44
Lede52 km 52
Lierde44 km 44
Lievegem126 km 126
Lochristi85 km 85
Lokeren108 km 108
Maarkedal86 km 86
Maldegem139 km 139
Melle46 km 46
Merelbeke56 km 56
Moerbeke50 km 50
Nazareth47 km 47
Ninove109 km 109
Oosterzele73 km 73
Oudenaarde154 km 154
Ronse70 km 70
Sint-Gillis-Waas118 km 118
Sint-Laureins96 km 96
Sint-Lievens-Houtem52 km 52
Sint-Martens-Latem25 km 25
Sint-Niklaas137 km 137
Stekene95 km 95
Temse44 km 44
Waasmunster61 km 61
Wachtebeke65 km 65
Wetteren57 km 57
Wichelen58 km 58
Wortegem-Petegem61 km 61
Zele52 km 52
Zelzate27 km 27
Zottegem90 km 90
Zulte67 km 67
Zwalm70 km 70