Logging in to the app

Last update: 26/07/2023
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Yannick Mertens 23/07/2023

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There are various ways to log in to our app. In this article, we will elaborate on these different methods on our login screen and explain them briefly.

How can I log in?

Email and Password

If you have created an account on our platform, you can easily log in with your email address and password. Enter the details on the login screen and then click on Login.

Social Media

You can also choose to log in via your Social Media account.

  • Facebook
  • Google Play (Android only)
  • Apple (iPhone/iPad only)

Login Code

You can also log in quickly to the app when you are already signed in to our website. On our website, go to the top menu, select Account, and then click on Login Code. This will generate a QR code and a text code. Back in the app, tap on the icon with the QR code on the login screen.

Then, you can either scan the QR code or enter the text code displayed on our website to log in.

You have 1 minute to log in via the QR code or text code generated on our website. After that, the code will be invalid.

Forgot Password?

To request a new password, select Forgot Password at the top of the login screen.

No Account Yet?

Create a simple account by choosing Create an Account at the top of the login screen.