Peter Wils


We are Reinhilde and Peter. Hiking and cycling are the ideal relaxation for us. We are happy to take you on a trek across the whole country.

The Gravel Pit of As

5.5 km

Join us on a discovery of this hidden spot! In the northern part of the Mechelse Heide, there is a gigantic pit. It was ... read more

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Peter Wils

Zutendaal, Belgium

Discover Zutendaal

11.5 km

The Greenest Candy of Flanders. That is the slogan of my cozy village in Limburg. Most of us have been here once 'on cam... read more

2560 1 4.5/5

Peter Wils

Stein, The Netherlands

Castle Park Elsloo

10.2 km

We are going in search of The Clever Sheep. For this adventurous walk, we start from the enchanting castle of Elsloo. Cl... read more

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Peter Wils

Tongeren, Belgium

Village walk Nerem

4.6 km

The small village of Nerem near Tongeren is worth exploring. We start from the village square for a varied walk. First, ... read more

1670 1 3.5/5