Virtual network

Last update: 27/06/2024
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Yannick Mertens 07/09/2023


In this article, we provide more details about the concepts of virtual networks and virtual nodes.

What is it?

The name says it all: these networks are virtual and therefore not visible in the field. When you go walking or cycling on such a network, you will not find any posts or signage on the ground.

On our map?

You can easily distinguish the virtual networks and nodes on our maps by their color. These routes and nodes are purple or blue, while the signposted networks are red.

Difference between purple and blue?

The purple virtual nodes and routes are deployed by official bodies, namely the provinces. These are also maintained and adjusted if necessary.

The blue virtual nodes and routes are deployed by Nodemapp itself.

How do I not get lost on such a virtual network?

We recommend using our app or another GPS device on a virtual network. If you use our navigation mode, you get voice guidance – if you set it up that way – through turn-by-turn navigation. This way, you know exactly which route to follow.


Placing and maintaining signposted nodes is expensive. Due to budgetary reasons, it is not always feasible to provide nodes on the ground in certain places. In that case, virtual nodes are a suitable way to still offer a nice walking or cycling experience in these areas.

The biggest advantage of a virtual network is mainly that in these specific places, nature can remain untouched, allowing for an optimal experience during walking or cycling.