Issues on the terrain (cycling)

Last update: 27/07/2023
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Sven Nijs 25/07/2023

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Have you noticed a problem while cycling on the terrain? A sign that is missing or broken, an obstacle on the road,… You can report this to the organization that is responsible for the cycling network at the location where you noticed the irregularity.


In Belgium, the cycling networks are managed at the provincial level:

    • Limburg: Visit Limburg manages the Belgian Limburg cycling network. Report here
    • Flemish Brabant: Tourism Flemish Brabant manages the cycling network in Flemish Brabant. Report here
    • Antwerp: Tourism Province Antwerp owns the cycling network in the province of Antwerp. Report here
    • East Flanders: Tourism East Flanders manages the East Flanders cycling network. Report here
    • West Flanders: Westtoer is the cycle network manager for West Flanders. Report here
    • Hainaut: Visit Hainaut owns the cycling network in Hainaut. Report here
    • Walloon Brabant: in Walloon Brabant, you can report issues on the cycling network via this link.
    • Namur: For issues on the cycling network in Namur, use this link.
    • Liège: for the province of Liège, you can find the report point here. Encountered problems in the East Cantons? Then use this report point.
    • Luxembourg: for reports on the cycling network in the province of Luxembourg, you can find the report point here.


Meldpuntroutes.nl is an initiative of Fietsplatform and Wandelnet. If you encounter any problems during your cycling route in the Netherlands, such as missing marking or a road that is suddenly closed, report it via Meldpuntroutes.nl.