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Bezoekerscentrum Rufferdinge, Molenbergstraat 4, 3400 Landen

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Cycle past Gallo-Roman burial mounds and mottes through the vast Haspengouw countryside. Cross the provincial border and get to know the tombs in Vorsen and Kortijs (Limburg) and admire the stone buildings in Walloon Brabant.

To shorten the route, there are two possibilities: either cycle back to node 82 at node 19 and make it a 34 km or 47 km route. Or you cut the route from node 57 via nodes 5, 2, 1, 98, 99, 52 and 51 to 50. Then it becomes a 36 km route along Hélécine, Jodoigne Hoegaarden and Tienen, or a 68 km route via Landen, Gingelom, Orp-Jauche and Hélécine.

This cycle route is offered by Tourism Flemish Brabant.

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0 km
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0.9 km
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3.3 km
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9.4 km
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12 km
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15.4 km
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16.5 km
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21.3 km
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22.5 km
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23.9 km
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25.9 km
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29.3 km
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32.5 km
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33.8 km
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35.5 km
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36.1 km
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38.7 km
Image node 95
39.2 km
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40.2 km
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41.7 km
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43.5 km
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47.3 km
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49.1 km
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50.9 km
Image node 70
51.5 km
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52.3 km
Image node 59
53.8 km
Image node 60
55 km
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57.3 km
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57.8 km
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59.1 km
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60.4 km
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62.5 km
Image node 62
63.9 km
Image node 62
64.1 km
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66.1 km
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70.2 km
Image node 89
71.9 km
Image node 82
74.6 km
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76.2 km
Image node 53
77.2 km
Image node 83
78 km
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Monday, November 16, 2020 by Daniel CromphoutVery nice and varied route, the part through Walloon Brabant on the Ravel is an absolute must. Only small flaw: crossing the busy road (despite traffic lights) in Tienen (but the old, unfortunately in ruins) abbey church 1 fat km before made up for it.
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Monday, November 2, 2020 by Evelien PhilippaertsNice route along low-traffic roads, easy to do with a course bike. The cobblestone lanes you encounter are very good. Plenty of benches along the way to take a rest, especially along the ravel.
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Sunday, August 25, 2019 by Dirk De WinWe did this route yesterday (24-8-2019). In a word: magnificent in terms of scenery. The signage is also superior. We are used to the Antwerp Zuidrand though, so it was seriously uphill, but with our Flyers that was not really a problem.
A few comments.
We had the bikes on the car but the parking lot of the sports field on Molenbergstraat, where the route starts, was completely full. The parking however in the Bovenpoortstraat, at the bottom of the city hall is spacious and there was hardly anyone there. From there it is only about a hundred meters to node 83. Beware of parking along public roads: usually time is limited to 2h or 4h, not enough to make the trip. Also, in the vicinity of node 50, it is tough to endure for the bike and for your behind because of the "cobblestones". In general, there are few benches to rest. Let these not be negatives, just points of interest for those who want to make the trip. We will definitely return to the Hageland. Dirk.
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