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Our NodeMapp Bike app now also works with the most popular smartwatches

Avatar Sven Nijs Sven Nijs
9 August 2023
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Navigate as a Premium user with the NodeMapp Bike app through your smartwatch and glance less at your smartphone. Compatible with Apple Watch, Wear OS, and Garmin. Currently only in Cycling Node mode, but Turn-by-turn navigation is coming soon!

Good news for all our Premium users who also wear a smartwatch! Now, while navigating with our NodeMapp Bike app, you can stay updated without constantly needing to pull out your smartphone. Our cycling app has become even more user-friendly with its integration with some of the most popular smartwatches. Whether you wear an Apple Watch, Wear OS, or Garmin smartwatch, we’ve got you covered. Currently, our smartwatch feature only supports navigation in the Cycling Node mode. But here’s more good news: we’re actively working on an update, so you’ll soon be able to use Turn-by-turn navigation on your smartwatch too.

Navigate through cycling nodes with our Watch app.

Apple Watch: Navigate with a tap on your wrist

For our Apple Watch users: the navigation experience is now seamlessly integrated with your favorite smartwatch. Simply start the navigation mode in our iOS app, and the navigation instructions will appear on your Apple Watch. No more fumbling to get your phone out of your pocket while cycling! When you install the latest version of our iOS app from the App Store, the Watch OS version will typically be automatically installed on your Apple Watch as well.

Wear OS guides you

A quick glance at your wrist and you’ll know exactly which cycling node to follow. Our Wear OS app faithfully assists you while navigating through cycling nodes. Download the latest version of the NodeMapp Bike app on your Android device and then from the Google Play Store onto your Wear OS smartwatch. This way, you can hop on your bike and navigate without constantly referring to your smartphone.

On-the-go notifications with Garmin smartwatches

For Garmin enthusiasts: while navigating through cycling nodes with our cycling app, we send notifications to your Garmin smartwatch. Whether you’re having an intense workout or just enjoying a relaxed bike ride, you’ll always be on the right path.

With this update, we aim to make cycling even more enjoyable and safe. By integrating with various smartwatches, we ensure that you can keep your hands on the handlebar and your eyes on the road.

Check out this help article for detailed instructions on exactly how to navigate through cycling nodes using your smartwatch.