Along Gaasbeek

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13.4 km • Lennik

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Markt 2, 1750 Lennik

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© wandelknooppunt.be - Gunther Vaeyens (Auteur)

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This walking tour gives you the chance to explore Lennik. You start at the Market of Lennik at node 1. On this Market stands the 25-year-old Prince. A bronze farm horse by artist Koenraad Tinel. On the Market Square there is opportunity for parking but it is free only on Sundays. The trail follows a stream for quite a while to get to Gaasbeek. The walk gives you a chance to explore Gaasbeek Castle and the Groenenberg domain.

This route was submitted by Gunther Vaeyens.

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0.5 km
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0.8 km
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0.9 km
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1.8 km
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2.1 km
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2.9 km
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3.9 km
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4.5 km
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4.9 km
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5.7 km
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5.8 km
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6.4 km
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6.7 km
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7.2 km
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7.2 km
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7.8 km
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8 km
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9.4 km
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10.1 km
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10.8 km
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11.2 km
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11.5 km
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12.1 km
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12.8 km
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13.2 km
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Friday, May 14, 2021 by bert rouckhoutjust a nice walk quietly 2 beautiful castles a terrace halfway in a small village back to start also catering enough
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Sunday, December 6, 2020 by Jozef BuylThis is really a top hike.It is highly recommended,almost no road all nice roads and forest and also the beautiful castle of gaasbeek,
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Sunday, November 8, 2020 by Kristof De PleckerWonderful hike. Barely any streets or concrete/asphalt. Beautiful region, wonderful views, park of Gaasbeek is very nice. Very fine hiking trails.
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Monday, September 7, 2020 by Peter BielenSuper nice hike, highly recommended!
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Sunday, September 6, 2020 by Testaert DavidSummit around Lennik and Gaasbeek.
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Sunday, May 17, 2020 by M.C.Super beautiful!!!
Attention:in the domain of Gaasbeek there is a pole missing.There is a building under renovation,walk a little higher and keep left.
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Sunday, February 24, 2019 by S.V.Very nice hike with lots of variety. The domain at the castle is definitely worth seeing.
In wet weather definitely high walking shoes.
Highly recommended!
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