What is Premium?

Last update: 26/07/2023
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Yannick Mertens 23/07/2023

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As a free user, you can use our applications without any issues, but you also have the option to activate Premium to gain access to all the features on our website and in the app(s).

In this article, we will explain the different types of Premium and what they include.

Types of Premium

Premium Bike

Are you a passionate cyclist? Choose Premium Bike and get unlimited access to all the features for cyclists on nodemapp.com and in the NodeMapp Bike app.

Premium Hike

Are you an avid hiker? Choose Premium Hike and get unlimited access to all the features for hikers on nodemapp.com and in the NodeMapp Hike app.

Premium Plus

Do you enjoy both activities? Choose Premium Plus and get unlimited access to all the features for cyclists and hikers on nodemapp.com as well as in both apps.

Extra features

Whether you opt for Premium Bike, Hike, or Plus, the extra features you will have access to are the same on each platform. Below, we will explain these in more detail.

Plan routes anywhere

Use our route planner’s Offgrid mode and plan routes even where there are no cycling nodes.

Save routes unlimitedly

Choose how many routes you want to save in your account.

No advertisements

When you create an account, you will see advertisements on the website and in the app after 3 months. Not when you have Premium.

Track your progress

Check off which trails from the cycling network you have already visited and get a quick overview of where you have cycled or hiked.

Import routes via cycling nodes

Enter a list of cycling nodesĀ and immediately retrieve the corresponding route.

Let yourself be guided

Access our navigation mode and let our app guide you along the most beautiful routes.

Be surprised

With our Surprise Me mode, you can request thousands of top routes at all cycling node locations.

Go offline

Download routes for offline use in our app. This way, you won’t be dependent on mobile data while on the go.