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Last update: 01/07/2024
Avatar Yannick Mertens
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Yannick Mertens 07/08/2023


In this article, we explain how you can delete your account.

Via the website

When you are logged into our website, you can delete your account at any time. Choose Account > Profile from the menu at the top. On the page that appears, you will see all the data and information linked to your account.

At the very bottom, you can delete your account if you wish.

If you are sure, first check Yes, I want to permanently delete my account before clicking the Delete Account button.

Via the app

You can also delete your account via the app at any time. On the home screen, go to More at the bottom right. Then select the top field (usually the user’s name) to view personal data or profile. On this screen, you can then choose Remove Account from the menu at the top right. If you are sure, confirm by typing ‘DELETE’ and then choosing the Delete Account button.