Importing a route

Last update: 02/07/2024
Avatar Yannick Mertens
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Yannick Mertens 22/08/2023


You can import or retrieve routes on our website in various ways. This means you can quickly open a route in the route planner without having to plan it yourself. In this article, we discuss these different import methods in detail.

How do I import a route?

At the top of our website, choose Biking > Import biking route or Hiking > Import hiking route. On the next screen, you will have the following options:

  • via a route code
  • via nodes
  • via GPX

Route Code

You will notice that this import option is active by default (indicated in the theme color).

You can quickly retrieve a route by entering a route code, which you received from someone. Then click the Import route button, and it will open in the route planner.


Have you come across a list of nodes somewhere? You can quickly reconstruct the route by clicking the Nodes button.

Then, enter the nodes in the text field, each separated by a hyphen. Click the Import route button, and it will open in the route planner.


The third and final way to import a route via the website is through a GPX file. Click the GPX button.

You will notice that you can drag and drop a saved GPX file into the field or select a GPX file by first clicking the gray icon.

If you select a valid GPX file, the route will automatically open in the route planner.