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40.8 km • Bornem

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40.8 km 0.0 km 0.0 km

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Sas 1, 2880 Bornem


The route is fully signposted with nodes.

5m 5m 5m 5m
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For this route it is best to take a little time. No less than four times along the route you will make use of a ferry to cross the water. In exchange for waiting, we lead you through some of the most beautiful natural areas along the banks of the Scheldt and Durme, in a region where eel is a traditional culinary hit.

Offered by Tourism East Flanders

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4.1 km

4.6 km

6.5 km

6.8 km

9.7 km

11.3 km

11.7 km

12.7 km

13.7 km

14 km

15.5 km

17.8 km

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19.2 km

22 km

22.3 km

24.9 km

27.8 km

29.1 km

29.4 km

33.7 km

34.2 km

34.7 km

39.8 km

40.6 km

40.9 km
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Monday, July 19, 2021 by E.C.Very nice route with lots of nice taverns and restaurants, though many closed on Monday. But enough open to still not run dry. Yes those ferries slow down the route, you can bypass them here and there. Around point 52 it goes a bit wrong, you have to continue there to 53. Highly recommended, visit taverns along the Scheldt in Temse.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2021 by E.U.Beautiful route. Pay attention at the 4 ferries. These only cross on the 1/2h and on the hour. Lunch break from 12.30h to 13.00h.
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Saturday, July 4, 2020 by G.K.Beautiful, quiet, fine roads and 4 x ferries. The effort. Nice tapas at taverne oud gemeentehuis in Weert (Bornem).
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