On bikes with heroes and saints

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48.9 km • Westerlo

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knooppunt 81 - Abdij van Tongerlo, Geneinde 1, 2260 Westerlo

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A landmark in the landscape. The indication of an ancient symbolic place. An idyllic resting point during a day trip. A cultural-historical gem. Or a peaceful place of contemplation. Everyone has their own reason for enjoying special religious heritage. After all, the words inspiration and contemplation can be interpreted in so many other ways these days, and every way is good. During the bicycle route, seven saints and folk figures lead you around Westerlo, Herselt, Laakdal, Meerhout and Geel. On your journey you will discover a lot of gems. One discovery grand and famous - just think of the castles of the de Merode family or the impressive abbeys of Tongerlo and Averbode - the other small and simple, but certainly no less beautiful for that. In between, we include a few moments of musing: a few major and minor life questions to ponder while cycling. These are all excellent ingredients for a cycling tour with room for relaxation and rest.

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48.9 km
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Sunday, September 22, 2019 by paul bodsonbeautiful route with some drawbacks:
1. due to renovation of the bridge at KP 49, KP 40 is not accessible: follow the indication 'cyclists towpath' until you (finally) encounter new signs with 'detour KP 40'. Especially try NOT to ride over the bridge over the works....
2. KP 65 to 66 via KP 67 does not add much beauty to the route. There is a double sign at KP 65: to 67 or to 66. Better to go to 66 at once!
3. Some signs are a bit hidden behind the green: gives some confusion, but a bit of searching makes it a bit adventurous!

Still, we had a nice afternoon!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019 by jos luytenridden today and 2years ago also ,,lol beautiful route,,though a few unpaved roads (bad for tires) but otherwise a must!!!
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Monday, June 3, 2019 by Herman Van WoenselNice route through old Flemish landscapes as I used to know them with lots of good gravel roads. Little info on the heroes...the grave of J.B. Caeymaex (Boerenkrijg) at the church in Veerle was actually not to be missed on this route. The abbeys , mills and castles are magnificent.
However, on the website of the province this route no longer exists.....
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 by Dirk VerschorenThis route is not recommended at this time. There are some detours to certain junctions and they lead along and onto busy roads. Signage also leaves much to be desired in certain places and is unclear;
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Monday, September 5, 2016 by M.H.You won't encounter the abbey of Averbode in this route. For the rest, very beautiful!
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