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48.1 km • Geetbets

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Oud Station Geetbets (KNP 356), Steenstraat, 3450 Geetbets

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From the old station of Geetbets you cycle along the Ijzerenweg, which you follow almost in a straight line to Neerlinter. Did you know that the Ijzerenweg is the bed of a former railroad line over which sugar beets and seasonal workers from the surrounding communities used to be transported to the Tienen Sugar Refinery? But so now you can enjoy the sweet smell of blossoms and fruit orchards along the route. You do not follow the Velp or the Velpe that flows to the Demer, but cycle around it in large curves. Pausing is certainly possible, for example at the blossom artwork "De Bijéénraad", near node 47, with a healthy snack from the region.

This route runs through the municipalities of Geetbets, Linter, Kortenaken and Bekkevoort.
This route is offered by Tourism Flemish Brabant.

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0 km
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3.5 km
Image node 49
3.5 km
Image node 192
5.7 km
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7.2 km
Image node 50
7.6 km
Image node 58
9.8 km
Image node 5
13.1 km
Image node 6
14.2 km
Image node 20
17.9 km
Image node 61
18.2 km
Image node 79
20.1 km
Image node 47
24.5 km
Image node 95
24.8 km
Image node 39
28.3 km
Image node 39
28.4 km
Image node 90
31.1 km
Image node 360
34.2 km
Image node 41
36.9 km
Image node 42
39 km
Image node 43
40.5 km
Image node 355
41.9 km
Image node 354
45.2 km
Image node 356
48.1 km
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Saturday, October 7, 2023 by Jan Van den BoschPart of the route is car-free or car-low but then you ride on the regular secondary road. One part is beautiful with excellent trails, picnic opportunities. Another part is tedious and dead ordinary. During the blossom period perhaps very colorful.
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Sunday, April 24, 2022 by Danny SwinnenHave enjoyed beautiful views and nature on the entire route . Very car lee , and even a very large part , via the old train route , no motorized traffic at all . Except for some tough cobblestone sections , the road is in very good condition . This route is highly recommended .
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Monday, March 28, 2022 by Danny SwinnenThe deadly distance of 300 m was removed from the tour by the provider. Because of this you now do not pass through the flower village of Waanrode. However, I can confirm that this short narrow passage was improved by the municipality so that you can pass very smoothly with a bicycle .
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Monday, October 18, 2021 by Simone KennedyBeautiful bike route with beautiful roads, lanes and bike paths through agricultural areas and small villages. The inclines were not too bad with our non-electric bikes. The "deadly distance" of the first reviewer is stretch of about 300 meters that is very narrow, where you have to be able to keep your balance, along a ditch. We liked the stretch.
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Sunday, August 15, 2021 by Lieve Willemshalokes, very nice and quiet route .After reading previous review did a detour between 39 and 40 39-90-360-41.enjoyed from start to finish . Only take food and drink with you . Only 1 cafe open . do that tour !!!
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Friday, August 13, 2021 by J.D.The whole route is wonderful cycling fun, but between node 39 and 40 there is suddenly a deadly distance to fight. That's not doable by bike, we did that distance on foot. Fortunately we did not encounter any oncoming liggers, then the question was who was going to turn right around. Too bad about this section.
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